VRCosplayX - Star Blazers - Oxana Chic

VRCosplayX - Star Blazers - Oxana Chic

They say your whole life flashes before your eyes right before you die. Well, the Gamalons are about to breach the Yamato's bridge and Earth is as good as destroyed. Things aren't looking good. But even with the looming destruction of humanity, you aren't reflecting on your previous accomplishments, you're looking at Yuki's slammin' bod. As you two comfort one another in the holography room, it becomes clear that she also wants to make the most of her last moments. Now's your chance, cadet. Unzip that skin-tight latex bodysuit of hers and get inside that perfect little pussy.

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Time: 36m 35s
Cast: Oxana Chic
Video: https://vrcosplayx.com/cosplaypornvideo/star_blazers_a_xxx_parody-324934/


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